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    Hello everyone!

    It's been a long time since my last journal entry. Writing is not my strong point but I feel like I need to post a few words about what is going on in my little world.
    In January 2014 I decided quit taking commissions in order to focus on my personal artwork . Now a year later, I feel like it was the right decision. I have been working hard on improving my style and slowly I can see that it works.
    Actually, this is what I have been doing since the beginning of my art journey, still this time it was a little different. This time I did it alone. No more books, art lessons\courses, teachers and “nice” advice from anyone who wanted to “help” me. I have realized that often trying to please the others I forget what I originally wanted to do. Sticking to some common how-to-rules, suggested color schemes and things like this limit my creativity. How often such “harmless” question like “why don't you paint these beautiful roses\cats\babies ?”would send my muse to rest! Or there were those who would see me using mixed media with disgust as if I were using blood of a new born lol
    I don't want to offend anyone I just wan to continue being myself!
    To anyone who promised I would never ever be able to sell anything what looks like a fairy – I am sorry to disappoint you but I am selling my fairies originals, prints and even sketches. I don't making great money with it but I can enjoy doing what I love most. I have my fans, collectors, supporters and friends and I am very grateful to all of you, it means a lot to me having you with me. I might not having time to thank you for every single comment left not but just that you know I treasure you support <3 Thank you so much!:aww:

One more exciting thing happened last year – I managed to start my own website. It is still in the process of making but I am proud having my little corner of the web!

If you have a minute please visit my new WEBSITE :

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See you around :iconkuoma-stock: :sun:

COMMISSIONS: status CLOSED. I will not take commissions till the end of the year (or maybe I close down taking commissions for longer\forever? I am not sure about it.)It is not because of a bad experience I had past year. I want to have more time for my personal work, I want to develop my ideas and improve my skills. I feel like I am still somewhere between hobbyist and professional working with breaks and the  worst I am emotionally bound to my work, it always means something more then lines and colors to me, the attitude which I want to change. In short, changes need to take place before I can work for somebody else again and put on paper the ideas of others.

PRINTS: of my work are available through my Etsy Shop If you don't find the print you are looking for at my Etsy, please contact me. I print at home, so any size from ACEO to A4 available just let me know.
Another place to get my prints is my shop at Zazzle HarvestMoonStudio

ORIGINALS: some of my originals are listed in my Etsy Shop

My PSP tubes  PSP Tubes at Digital Chaos

My stock images: :iconkuoma-stock:
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Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrate, happy holidays and all the best in coming year 2014:heart:
Thank you everyone for your support in the past year and for all your lovely comments, faves and advice you gave me:hug:

Thank you for suggesting my work for DD award one of the best Christmas presents! :aww:
The Path by JannaFairyArt
Thank you so much!

Prints of my work are available through my Etsy Shop or you can order some by sending me a DA/FB note.
My PSP tubes  PSP Tubes at Digital Chaos
And some cross-stitch designs based on my paintings are available at Gecko Rouge Shop at Etsy.
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I've got a DD on my stock image !:dance:
Fairytale 8 by Kuoma-stock
I am so excited! Thank you everyone!

Prints of my work are still available through my Etsy Shop or you can order some by sending me a DA/FB note.
My PSP tubes are available again, this time through PSP Tubes at Digital Chaos
And some cross-stitch designs based on my paintings are available at Gecko Rouge Shop at Etsy.
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I am writing this just to get rid of my old one, in fact of all other previous journal entries I left here. I have just realised that I most of my notes here sound somehow unhappy or as if I were complaining and this is not what I am or not what I want to be=) Those who follow my rambling thoughts here know that thing were not so fine with me lately but life goes on and time heal wounds. In short I am okay now and try to enjoy the rest of summer with my family taking trips to beautiful places around and occasionally shooting stock which I am planning to use during coming cold part of the year as reference for my work :XD:

Other news…
I decided to close my Zazzle store for some time. The reason is I have no time or mood to maintain it at the moment the same as my art blog. Once I re-open it I will let you know Till then prints of my work are still available through my Etsy Shopor you can order some by sending me a DA/FB note.

My PSP tubes are available again, this time through PSP Tubes at Digital Chaos

And some cross-stitch designs based on my paintings are available at Gecko Rouge Shop at Etsy.

If you are looking for free stock have a look at my other page

And the last thing before I leave…
I have just finished reading
The Lord of Shadows I've been looking at the illustrations at Erin's gallery and was wondering what is the story behind them and now I know it:) It's  a beautiful fantasy love story and if the other books will follow I will definitely try to get them for my collection:heart: For anyone who likes fantasy and romance highly recommended :aww: :heart:

This is all by now.. till next time and enjoy autumn coming :heart:
:star: All the artwork copyrights including original and commissioned artworks belong to Janna Prosvirina (the artist). You may NOT reproduce, distribute or sell any of my artworks without the written permission from me. NO derivative works in any forms are allowed.  
:star: If you would like to use my images for your products a licence agreement is required. You need to contact me to discuss the agreement terms.
:star: My artwork may be displayed on your personal website or blog as long as it remains non-profit, a proper credit is given and the link to my website is provided, the images are not changed or altered in any way without any additions or cropping, my watermark remains on the image.
:star: My images are not allowed to be used on any websites containing offensive materials such as porn, prejudice, gambling or of racist nature.
:star: My artwork is not to be used for tags, signatures tubes, website graphics etc. If you would like to license some of my images for this purpose feel free to contact me.
:star: Tattoos. If you are a tattoo artist you may NOT use my art commercially without a signed licence agreement. If you are a fan and you would like to have a tattoo inspired by my art you may do it but first you are suggested to buy a small print as a little thank you for my effort. It will also make a good reference for a tattoo artist. Please share the final result with me I would be curious to see it and feature on my website at fan corner. I can also draw a custom tattoo for you, please read my commission information and feel free to contact me.
:star: Fan art is allowed as long as it remains non-profit. Although, when posted online a proper credit is always required: my name mentioned (spelled correctly!) and a link to my website provided.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me!

Read also my Commission Information
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:icontraditional-artists::iconwatercolorists::iconenchantedforest: :iconrealm-of-fantasy: :iconxxfantasy-clubxx:
I accept commissions; it means you can hire me to paint a picture for you. It means you will get the original painting I will paint for you.
Please read this through before you send me your request.
First of all, make sure you are familiar with my style and technique; you may find the examples of my work in my Deviant Art Gallery .
If you think I am the right artist for you, do not hesitate to send me your request. However I claim the right to refuse any commissions which I can not do ( either it doesn’t fit my style or I don’t have enough time to complete it) Send me a detailed description of what you want me to paint by e-mail ( or contact  via FB, DA note. If you have any specific reference you want me to use, please send it along with the other details in your mail. Have a look at my price list first before you mention the size of the painting and the amount of detail.

A commission artwork can take 1-3 weeks to finish. If there is any deadline or you need a painting to some special date please mention it in your mail and let me know at least one month forehand about it.
If you don’t wish that I display the commission artwork in my online gallery please mention about it in your mail.

PayPal is a preferred payment method, I also accept bank cash transfer.
Please note that you will have to pay 50% of the value of the artwork BEFORE I start to PAINT. I require it after you have approved a sketch. I won’t do more then two sketches. If it happens that you don’t like one of them, I have to admit that I failed and I won’t try to finish the commission for you.

I will ship you the original painting after you pay the second 50%. The payments need to be completed and cleared before I sent you the original artwork. Note that if you change your mind about the commission the first 50% you paid after you approved the sketch is NOT refundable I will keep it for me. Full refunds are given only if I can not finish the commission.

I retain the copyright to all my artwork and all printing and publishing rights (unless agreed on formerly by both parties). You can not publish or reproduce the commission artwork I did for you; no derivatives works can be done using my artwork unless we agreed on it previously.

These are my usual sizes;( I usually don't do commissioned work bigger then A4 but I do exceptions if you want it badly A3;)

5"x7" (13x18cm)      - 55 $/70$(simple/detailed BG)       

9"x12"(23x30.5 cm)  - 75 $/110$(simple/detailed BG)      

11"x18" (A4 21x29cm)  -75 $/100 $(simple/detailed BG)

Each additional character is +10 $.

ACEO ( Art Cards Editions and Originals) is always 2.5" x 3.5"                          
ACEOs are very popular among original art collectors. Due to small size they remain very affordable. An  ACEO commission would cost 13-18 $ (no bgfull bg)

OSWOA ( Original Small Work of Art) is always 4"x6"
They are bigger then ACEOs but still remain affordable original artworks.
I would complete an OSWOA for you for  35 -50$ no bgfull bg

Shipping costs can vary  depending on the country where you are living and shipping method. Usually I ship First class Austrian Post but you can choose EMS as option which is more expensive but you will get your painting withing 3 working days.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.